Graphs and tables about COVID-19 in Italy


After two years, I finally decided to stop updating this page and evaluation of all code blocks has been disabled. The data was last updated on October 28/2022.

The Italian Civil Protection keeps a Github repository with data about COVID-19 in Italy. In March 2020 I began using the repository to plot the evolution of the pandemic in Italy. It started as an exercise where I could use literate programming to understand better the evolution of the pandemic in Italy. It ended up with pages collecting a couple of years of data.

Here you get an high level overview of the information collected; click on the plots to view more detailed analyses and examples of literate programming using Org Mode.

Situation at a glance

Get the data from the Github repository:

export REPO=""
curl ${REPO}/dati-regioni/dpc-covid19-ita-regioni.csv > data/dpc-covid19-ita-regioni.csv
curl ${REPO}/dati-andamento-nazionale/dpc-covid19-ita-andamento-nazionale.csv > data/dpc-covid19-ita-andamento-nazionale.csv 
curl ${REPO}/dati-regioni/dpc-covid19-ita-regioni-latest.csv > data/dpc-covid19-ita-regioni-latest.csv

We now start an R session, using the setwd function to set the working directory. The session is then used by the R source blocks defined in files in this directory.

Make sure you change the absolute path used in setwd if you want to execute this code on your computer.

cols X978
data 2022-10-28T17:00:00
nuovi_positivi 29040
ricoverati_con_sintomi 6824
terapia_intensiva 228
totale_ospedalizzati 7052
isolamento_domiciliare 468854
totale_positivi 475906
totale_casi 23504224

Detailed Information

If you want more information, click on the plots below.

New Cases

Click on the graph and go to the dedicated page.


People Tested and Tests

Click on the graph and go to the dedicated page.


Overall Situation in Italy

Click on the graphs below and go to the dedicated page.



There are many other places where you can find similar plots and data: the ones I usually consult are listed in the bookmarks page.

The source code available on the COVID-19 pages is distributed under the MIT License; the content is distributed under a Creative Commons - Attribution 4.0.