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Software Development

Open Source Libraries

I am a fond developer in Ruby on Rails and Lisp. I like to develop web applications and command line utilities.

These some of the open sources command-line utilities I developed:

  • Jekyll DataPage Generator is Jekyll plugin I wrote to generate one page per Yaml record; with various nice contributions, 80 forks, and 330 stars.
  • Log Sense is a Ruby gem which analyzes Apache and Rails logs and outputs reports in SQLite, textual and HTML formats. Graphs built with Vega-Lite and layout with Zurb Foundation. It is the successor of Apache Log Report, which output Org Mode files; an intriguing idea, which required an extra step of computation to get readable reports.
  • RESME is a Ruby gem which outputs a resume written in YAML to different formats. This allows to have LaTeX, Org Mode, text, and HTML version of your resume from the same source. An example using Org Mode output format is here: Adolfo Villafiorita’s Resume (the Org Mode file is then easily integrated in the website, with a couple of extra includes, added by hand).
  • dreader is a simple DSL built on top of `roo` to read and process tabular data (CSV, LibreOffice, Excel). I implemented to simplify data checking and importing of complex/critical data (such as personal records).

Web Applications

These are web applications I developed as a solo-programmer or in team. All of them are based on Ruby On Rails and ZURB Foundation and extensively used in production.

  • Grow is a webapp developed while at FBK to support the mapping of HR competences, goals, and management actions. Started out as a toy-webapp to help a competence-mapping process started by HR at FBK, it became a nice beast, supporting different competence-mapping models and various cooperation wokflows.
  • MIP is a webapp developed in collaboration with Altares Green Technologies. Used in in Italy and abroad.
  • EM@S Game is a webapp implementing a challenge proposed to high-school students in the context of the E-Mining at School, a project sponsored by EIT Raw Materials.
  • Gourmet is a webapp to collect take-away orders.
  • GasAPP is a webapp to help support the operations of buyers’ groups.
  • BringTheFood helps collecting and redistributing surplus food. I have more of a coordination role, here, but I like to mention it anyway.