Resources on eWaste


In the last three year I have been working in educational projects related to circular economy, with a focus on e-Waste. Here you can find some information, links and resources which I find quite useful during my activities.

If you are interested in more details, activities, projects on the topic, you can get in touch by email.

Video Materials and Slides

Presentation and Seminars

  • Circular Economy and e-Waste, in Italian, is a seminar held at AIF (Associazione Italiana Formatori) on how we engaged students on the topic.

Movies and TV Series

  • The Widow is a fictional story set in DRC, which, however, touches various topics related to mining and exploitation.

Random Bits of Useful Information

There are a lot of videos and materials on e-Waste. Here are the ones I use most often:

Data about the quantities of raw materials present in smartphones and electronic equipments, and other bits of information about Cobalt, obstacles to recycling and repairing. Raw and rough, but useful to help build a presentation:


  • E-Mining @ School, contains information about raw materials in a smartphone, a web-based game we run in 2018 (requires to be configured: if you are interested, get in touch). The goal of the project is training and engaging students in schools in reusing and recycling phones. During the project we run an international competition in which students collected old phones for reuse and recycling. More than 5 tons of materials were collected.
  • AWARE has the goal of training teachers and university students on circular economy and WEEEs. On the project website you can find materials in different languages for teachers and students of different degrees, from elementary up to secondary school.
  • RePlay has the goal of training scientific communicators and stage events and exhibitions in the participating Museums (MuSe, Museon, Heureka).