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Tools used for this website

  • This website is built with Org Mode with some code written in Ruby to generate list of posts and other “dynamic” content, see the next section for details. The code is slowly being migrated to Emacs lisp.
  • All text editing happens in Emacs, while Gimp and Darktable are used for editing pictures.
  • Technologies listed also in: humans.txt 1

Literate Programming

I use literate programming extensively for:


The opinions expressed on this website are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my employer. #+end_comment


All content on this website is distributed under a Creative Commons - Attribution 4.0, unless esplicitly stated otherwise. All source code is distributed under the MIT License, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

See ./powered-by.html for a link to the Git repository with the sources of this website.

Privacy Policy

At its beginnings the World Wide Web was about sharing content, rather than collecting and harvesting data. For many, I believe, this is what the web should still be now.

I do not have any interest in tracking you and steal your data. Therefore, this website does not implement any tracking technique2.

I regularly analyze the web server logs using goaccess and a script I wrote in Ruby (which mostly replicates what goaccess does). This allows me to get data about the number of visitors, the pages most visited, 404s, types of browsers used to access the website, countries the requests originate from, and, least but not last, attempts to hack into my website (more frequent that I thought).


Site last deployed on: 2021-04-14.



More information available at: humans.txt We Are People, Not Machines


To this end I got rid, over time, of custom fonts declarations and the use of CDNs, which allow third parties some form of tracking.