Project Budgeting and Monitoring with Org Mode
EmacsConf 2021


Project Budgeting with Org Mode

How we build and budget project proposals

  1. We start by defining project goals and work to be performed
  2. We organize the work in tasks, possibly grouped in user stories or functional groups
  3. We estimate the effort for each task
  4. We compute the price from the effort using one of these two methods:
    • Profiled Rates: Project Price = SUM_i (Effort_i * Price_i)
    • Average Hourly Rate: Project_Price = Effort * (Average Resource Price)

Price = Cost + Overhead + Profit

How we write and budget project proposals

Org Mode template with embedded Emacs Lisp.

  • User input content:
    • Free text to describe goals and other information
    • Tasks (with effort) using TODOS or just plain Org Mode sections
    • Payment split details
  • Information computed from embedded Emacs lisp code and Org Mode tables:
    • Costs and prices from effort
    • Summary Plan + Budget tables and payment deadlines
    • Plain-text accounting entries for accounting the project (accrued work and payments)



  • Everything in one place and in sync
  • More control over versions
  • Many different back-ends (LaTeX, HTML, ODT, Beamer, Reveal, …): no need to repeat information (or, at least, information lives in the same file)

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Adolfo Villafiorita