Org Mode Bookmarks

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1 Websites in Org Mode

1.1 List of Websites

List of websites written and published using Org Mode:

1.2 Meta lists

1.3 Reusable Assets

  • org-css a nice looking CSS style for exported documents
  • org-html-themes has various CSS themes, among which “Read The Org”, which mimics “Read the docs” and can be used for generating a documentation website.

1.4 Templating Languages

Templating language to intermix Emacs lisp and HTML markup:

1.5 Publishing Tutorials

1.6 Static Website Generators written in Emacs Lisp

  • Weblorg looks very interesting and is based on the concept of pipelines: each pipeline specify how to transform a group of files. Templatel templates can be used for rendering.

1.7 Other Possibilities

If you prefer a more “conventional” approach, you can use any of the following:

  • Jekyll with the Jekyll Org plugin takes Org Mode files as input
  • Hugo, which supports Org Mode natively
  • Firn, written in Clojure, generates a static site from org-mode files

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2 Beamer and Org Mode

2.1 Authoring Beamer presentations in Org Mode

2.2 Beamer documentation

2.3 Customizing Beamer Presentations

3 Org Mode Customization

3.1 Improving Look

  • Hugo Cisneros posted his Emacs configuration, which includes many tunings to the display of Org Mode Agendas and files. There is a nice and simple example to sync with Nextcloud, using org-caldav.