Org Mode Bookmarks

Table of Contents


1. Websites in Org Mode

1.1. List of Websites

List of websites written and published using Org Mode:

1.2. Meta lists

1.3. Reusable Assets

  • org-css a nice looking CSS style for exported documents
  • org-html-themes has various CSS themes, among which “Read The Org”, which mimics “Read the docs” and can be used for generating a documentation website.

1.4. Templating Languages

Templating language to intermix Emacs lisp and HTML markup:

1.5. Publishing Tutorials

1.6. Static Website Generators written in Emacs Lisp

  • Yet Another Org Wiki generates a “read the docs” like website directly from an OrgMode publication project.
  • Org2Jekyll lets you manage all files in Org Mode while exporting to a Jekyll website, which you can then compile to HTML (similar to Firn).
  • Weblorg looks very interesting and is based on the concept of pipelines: each pipeline specify how to transform a group of files. Templatel templates can be used for rendering

1.7. Other Possibilities

If you prefer a more “conventional” approach, you can use any of the following:

  • Jekyll with the Jekyll Org plugin takes Org Mode files as input
  • Hugo, which supports Org Mode natively
  • Firn, written in Clojure, generates a static site from org-mode files (similar to Org2Jekyll).

2. Beamer and Org Mode

2.1. Authoring Beamer presentations in Org Mode

2.2. Beamer documentation

2.3. Customizing Beamer Presentations

3. Org Mode Customization

3.1. Improving Look

  • Hugo Cisneros posted his Emacs configuration, which includes many tunings to the display of Org Mode Agendas and files. There is a nice and simple example to sync with Nextcloud, using org-caldav.