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Welcome to my personal homepage!

I am the co-founder of Shair.Tech a startup developing technologies for reducing (food) waste helping make our economy fairer, more sustainable, and circular.

My interests include surplus food recovery and food waste prevention, sustainability, ICT for social and economic development. You might want to have a look at BringTheFood, if you are interested in my recent activities.

I am involved in educational activities related to the circular economy and, when I have the possibility, I like to talk about our food system from various perspectives, with my friends and colleagues Paolo Costa and Claudio Ferlan.

I co-teach Computational Logic at the University of Trento and served as a volunteer teacher of Scratch and the Hour of Code to kids and inmates.

I authored two books and curated the publication of a collection of articles on food excesses and scarcity.

I am a fond programmer in Ruby on Rails, which I started using about ten years ago, coming from Java, C, and Lisp.

I prefer text-based formats when I can and I am a long-time user of Emacs (25+ years) and, more recently, of Org Mode (6+ years).

I worked for more than twenty years at Fondazione Bruno Kessler (ITC/IRST before 2008) and from Jan 1, 2021 I will be on leave, dedicating time and resources to the development of Shair.Tech.


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