This is a coverflow page of the books I read (or I am reading).

The data has been systematically collected since the end of 2012 (the data for earlier years is sketchy, with many gaps and little information about start and end dates).

The page is built from a YAML file which contains data about the books I read. This, together with ERB and Ruby code allows me to present it in different ways and compute various statistics.


Ray, Bradbury The Illustrated man 3.5 Weir, Andy The Martian 5 Banks, Iain M. The Hydrogen Sonata: A Culture Novel (Culture series) 3.5 Yancey, Rick The 5th Wave: The First Book of the 5th Wave Series 4 McCall Smith, Alexander Tears of the Giraffe (No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency, Book 2) 4 Marsh, Henry Do No Harm: Stories of Life, Death and Brain Surgery 4


Robert Leckie Okinawa: The Last Battle of World War II 3 Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson Dune: The Machine Crusade 3.5 Hawking, Stephen and Mlodinow, Leonard A briefer history of time 4.0 Kafka, Frank The Trial 4 Spencer, Johnson Who Moved my Cheese? 4 Auster, Paul The New York Trilogy (Ghost City) 5 Rankin, Ian Saints of the Shadow Bible (Rebus) 4 McCall Smith, Alexander Ladies' Detective Agency 01 - The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency 4 Pollan, Michael The Omnivore's Dilemma 4 Fawcett, Bill 100 Mistakes that Changed History Lem, Stanislaw Solaris 4 Lem, Stanislaw The Futurological Congress 4 Lem, Stanislaw Return from the Stars 3.5 Pollan, Michael Cooked: a Natural History of Transformation


Card, Orson Scott Ender's Game 4.5 Duhigg, Charles The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business 5.0 Cox, Catherine Bly and Murray, Charles Apollo 5.0 James S. A. Corey Leviathan Wakes 3.5 Moss, Michael Salt, Sugar, Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us 3.5 Vonnegut, Kurt Slaughterhouse 5 4.5 Standage, Tom An Edible History of Humanity 4.0 Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson Dune: The Butlerian Jihad 3.5


McMurray, Kevin F. Deep Descent 3.8 Fleming, Alex Making a Submarine Officer - A story of the USS San Francisco (SSN 711) 3.5 Genovesi, Fabio Morte dei Marmi 3.5 Solzhenitsyn, Aleksandr The Gulag Archipelago 4.0 Hemingway, Ernest Il vecchio e il mare (The old man and the sea) 4.0 Dick, Philip K The Man in the High Castle 4.0 Clarke, Arthur C Rendezvous with RAMA 4.5 Rankin, Ian Standing in Another's Man Grave 3.5 Sledge, Eugene B. With the old Breed 4.5

2012 and (some years) earlier

... and in the last few years, before I got maniac about marking the reading dates:

Indridason, Arnaldur Jar City (Reykjavik Murder Mysteries 1) 3 Singh, Simon The Code Book: The Science of Secrecy from Ancient Egypt to Quantum Cryptography 5 Price, Steven D. 1001 Dumbest Things Ever Said 3 Vonnegut, Kurt The Sirens of Titan (Kurt Vonnegut Series) 5 Carlson, Jeff Plague Year 3 Dick, Philip K. A Scanner Darkly 4.5 Carlson, Jeff The Frozen Sky 3.5 Heinlein, Robert A. Starship Troopers 4.5 Ronnau, Christopher Blood Trails: The Combat Diary of a Foot Soldier in Vietnam 4.5 Mceuen, Paul Spiral: A Novel 2.5 Rankin, Ian The Complaints 4 Rankin, Ian Exit Music 4 Hillenbrand, Laura Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption 4 Donahue, James C. Blackjack-33: With Special Forces in the Viet Cong Forbidden Zone 4 Bauer, Susan Wise The History of the Ancient World: From the Earliest Accounts to the Fall of Rome 4 Covey, Stephen R. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People 4 Rankin, Ian Black And Blue 4 Heinlein, Robert Stranger in a Strange Land 4 Smith, E. E. Triplanetary (History of Civilization) 3 Charles M. Sevilla Disorder in the Court: Great Fractured Moments in Courtroom History 3 Dick, Philip K. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? 4 Williams, Andrew The Battle Of The Atlantic: The Allies' Submarine Fight Against Hitler's Gray Wolves Of The Sea 4 Larsson, Stieg The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo 3 Norman, Don The Design of Everyday Things 3 Fried, Jason and Hansson, David Heinemeier ReWork 4 Beevor, Antony D-Day: The Battle for Normandy 3 Levitt, Steven D. and Dubner, Stephen J. Freakonomics 4 Levitt, Steven D. and Dubner, Stephen J. Superfreakonomics 3.5 Herbert, Frank Children of Dune 3.5 Herbert, Frank Dune Messiah 3.5 Kumar, Manjit Quantum: Einstein, Bohr and the Great Debate About the Nature of Reality 3.5 Herbert, Frank Dune (40th Anniversary Edition) (Dune Chronicles, Book 1) 3.5 Berkun, Scott The Myths of Innovation 3.5 Rankin, Ian The Black Book Rankin, Ian Tooth & Nail Rankin, Ian A good hanging Rankin, Ian Set in Darkness Rankin, Ian Mortal Causes Rankin, Ian Knots and Crosses Steinbeck, John Uomini e Topi (Of mice and men) Steinbeck, John Furore (The grapes of Wrath) 5 Adams, Douglas The Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy 3 Crichton, Michael Next 2.5 Metha, Suketu Maximum City 4.5 Bernstein, William A splendid Exchange 4.5 Diamond, Jared Guns, Germs and Steel 3.5 Wright, Evan Generation Kill 4 Fick, Nathaniel One bullet Away 3 Werner, Herbert A. Iron Coffins 4 Yourcenar, Margerite Memorie di Adriano (Memoirs of Hadrian) 4.5 Pausch, Randy The last lecture 4.5 de Saint-Exupéry, Antoine Il piccolo principe 3.5 Bryson, Bill A short history of nearly everything 5.0 Churchill, Winston S. Memoirs of the Second World War 3.5 Calabresi, Mario La Fortuna non Esiste Ellroy, James Scorciatoie per l'Inferno (The Best American Crime Writing 2005) 4 Gropman, Jerome Come pensano i dottori 3 Ellroy, James Dalia Nera (Black Dahlia) 4 Capote, Truman A sangue freddo (In cold blood) 4.5 K Jerome, Jerome Tre uomini in barca (Three men in a boat) 5 Jerome, Jerome K Tre uomini a zonzo 4 Boffa, Alessandro Sei una bestia Viskovitz 4 Bryson, Bill Notes from a Small Island Kurson, Robert Shadow Divers 5 Templar, Richard The rules of management (Expanded edition) 5 Landsburg, Steven E. Armchair Economist: Economics & Everyday Life Crichton, Michael Sphere Crichton, Michael The Andromeda Strain Crichton, Michael Airframe: a Novel Crichton, Michael Next Crichton, Michael Timeline Crichton, Michael Rising Sun: a Novel Marquez, Gabriel Garcia One Hundred Years of Solitude Sciascia, Leonardo La Scomparsa di Majorana

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